When operating a business, cost is always a key factor in decisions that get made at every level. Logistics, staffing, inventory, and overhead are some of the first things that come to mind – but one of the most often overlooked expenses is how to avoid future ones. One example of this is leaving your commercial concrete surfaces unfinished.

Keep in Mind…

Commercial spaces, such as warehouses, typically see a lot of foot and heavy machinery traffic. In addition, the floors can be subjected to many spills ranging from water to chemicals such as motor oil. This type of wear and tear will be much less severe on a finished surface instead of an unfinished surface. Regular cleaning and maintenance can only go so far to extend the life of an unfinished concrete floor. When putting in a concrete floor, or even acquiring a building with a pre-existing one, you should consider adding a finish to extend its lifespan and reduce the level of maintenance.

Applying A Finish

Finishing the floor early on in its life can prevent costly repairs down the road. Consider this – the amount of time from lost production, broken products, or worse still – injuries are all possible with a failed or broken floor. Spending a little upfront to have the floor properly sealed or finished is worth the extra money in avoiding potential downtime alone.

The other thing to consider is the natural shelf life of your floor with or without a finish. Beyond protecting it from potential failures, the cost of the finish can prevent you from having to redo the entire floor sooner than planned.

It is important to consult a professional when you have any doubts. This includes something as simple as how finishing your floor may end up saving you thousands down the road.