Commercial Concrete Grinding

Here at The Jersey Floor, we provide professional concrete grinding services for commercial spaces. If you have any questions at all, or would like to schedule an on-site estimate, then don’t hesitate to give us a call!


Benefits of Concrete Grinding

Improve the Quality of Your Current Commercial Flooring

Concrete floors in a commercial space, especially ones untreated, will start to wear down over time. Particularly considering the type of wear and tear commercial flooring is subjected to. This can include the use of heavy machinery, frequent spills, foot traffic, impact from heavy items, and much more. These factors will cause the flooring to become rougher and lose its original smooth surface. Depending on the condition of your floor, concrete grinding can help to “refinish” the surface without having to replace it.

Prepare Your Commercial Space for A New Floor

Concrete grinding is also beneficial for floors that require an entirely new surface or a new type of flooring. The process is used to properly grind down the concrete to create the optimal surface for the new flooring.


Concrete Grinding vs Self Leveling Concrete

The difference of which service you will need depends on the current state of your concrete floor. If the surface of the concrete is not as smooth as you would like or there are just a few “high points”, then concrete grinding may be your answer. However, if you are noticing many dips in the concrete, then self-leveling may be the right choice. It is also worth considering the future of the flooring in your commercial space. It is important to contact a professional that can evaluate your current concrete surface to know which service would be the best option for you.


Not sure whether concrete grinding is the service your floor needs? Then give us a call! We provide free on-site estimates to allow our experts to evaluate your floor, listen to your flooring goals, and provide you with a professional recommendation and estimate.

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