Reflective Floor Systems meet the needs of multiple types of flooring. They provide highly sustainable floors and can even substantially increase and improve the concrete’s structural integrity. Reflective Floor Systems do all this while also considering Green Initiatives. These systems work for all concrete floors, old and new, and enhance the look, durability, and performance.

New Technology

All ReflectiFloor products are made using breakthrough advances in nanotechnology, with the assistance of colloidal silica. Nano-sized particles combined with colloidal silica’s reactive molecules can penetrate much deeper. This results in slabs of concrete being densified into solid masses. This process provides long-term durability and one of the longest life expectancies possible in the flooring world.

Warranties for Peace of Mind

Reflective Floor offers amazing warranties on all their products. Each warranty varies, depending on the type of flooring.

ReflectiDP Dust Proof: This low reflectivity finish flooring requires one application and comes with a 20-year warranty. This affordable choice is easy to apply and works great for both new or existing concrete floors. It is dust proof, offers increased abrasion resistance, and forms a barrier that prevents liquids from getting through. It is also made with a no-rinse formula which means no disposal of hazardous wastewater, which is better for the environment.

ReflectiPolish 10:  This option offers a low to high reflectivity finish and comes with a 10-year warranty. It is also a budget-friendly option and is easy to apply. This product is customizable for a higher gloss finish, if desired.

RelectiPolish 25: This option offers low to high reflectivity and comes with an astonishing 25-year warranty. It is applied wet and offers a completely customizable finish from low to the highest possible gloss.

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