Decorative Overlays for Commercial Properties

If you are looking to transform your concrete floors, decorative overlays are a perfect choice. Commercial properties tend to have a lot more ground to cover, making decorative overlays the economic and practical choice.

Works with Any Concrete Surface

Decorative overlays can work on any concrete surface. However, the surface must be in decent shape. If your existing floors are severely cracked and damaged, you may need to consider a self-leveling concrete base first or total replacement. A flooring professional can assess your existing floors and recommend possible options.

So Many Choices

When it comes to decorative overlays, the possibilities are endless. Once you determine the color, pattern, and texture you like – it will be easier to pick out your specific materials. Take your time browsing through samples and pictures of various finishes and colors. If you are going for a neutral look for your commercial business, that does not mean you are limited. There are plenty of choices perfect for neutral color palettes. Whether you prefer an ultra-smooth finish or super textured, you will be able to find something that fits your taste.

Low Maintenance

One of the most significant considerations when choosing flooring materials for commercial properties is the amount of maintenance needed. Anything that requires expensive equipment, supplies, or staff to keep it clean and maintained may not be a wise choice. Thankfully, decorative overlays for concrete floors are low maintenance. Most overlays are coated with a protective sealer, making them very resistant to stains, dirt, and grease. Sure, some occasional sweeping and mopping will be needed, but that is expected with any commercial flooring. If you’re unsure of what flooring would work best for your commercial warehouse, the experts at Jersey Floor can help. Request a free 30-minute consultation, and we’ll walk you through the process.

Perfect for Heavy Traffic

Commercial floors tend to experience more foot and equipment traffic than your average building, so you need floors that can handle the wear and tear. With the right finish, decorate overlays on your existing concrete floors can stand up to quite a bit of use. With regular waxing, you can protect heavy traffic areas even more. If you would like to learn more about decorative overlays or schedule a free, on-site estimate – then give us a call!

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