So, you just got a brand-new concrete floor, and it looks great! Concrete is a great material to use, as it’s durable and allows for a variety of finishes on top. And while it certainly is a tough, durable option, it is very important to take proper care to extend the life of your new floor.

Keeping it Clean

Maintaining your floor is similar regardless of the finish. If it is unfinished concrete, or epoxy on top, regular sweeping is critical to making sure the surface stays clear of dirt and dust that can scratch away at the surface of the floor. It is especially important to sweep before you mop to avoid turning loose dirt into sandpaper when cleaning.

Unfinished Floor Care

If left unfinished, it is very important to clean up spills as they can cause problems for your new floor. Try to avoid any spills of oil and grease if possible, as contact with chemicals like these can stain. Try to use special solutions designed for concrete and a pressure washer to keep the finish in order.

From Start to Finish

It is always wise to consider adding a finish over your new concrete floor. There are a variety of types that will allow you to choose one that looks best for your space, while greatly extending the life and durability of your new floor. Epoxy can even add chemical protection, while still allowing you to choose a great looking finish.

Polished Floors

If you are looking for an option other than epoxy, then consider going with a polished finish. This will still add a layer of protection to your surface while greatly increasing the aesthetics to provide a great looking, easy to care for surface.

Paying extra attention to your new floor early on, and consistently over time, will increase the lifespan and quality of your concrete floor.