Self Leveling Cements

What is Self Leveling Cement?

Self Leveling is a fast setting polymer modified cement that has multiple applications in the construction world. It was designed to be highly fluid and achieve strong compressive strength usually much higher than standard concrete. Self leveling has a multitude of uses including decorative finishes, restorative work and also as a corrective work. It can be used to correct uneven or out of level floors, providing a level base to start any project from. We can use it to smooth out and flatten worn, deteriorating, and/or damaged floors to provide the perfect smooth surface for all other flooring types such as wood, tile, or carpet.

Why choose Self Leveling?

These surfaces can be used in almost any location including commercial, residential, retail, hotels, hospitals and more. Being that self leveling is fast setting and complete installations are less time consuming than traditional flooring installations (i.e. wood, carpet, tile, etc..) and such the return to service is much shorter. Most Self leveling also contributes LEED points as well.

Finished Self Leveling

Dyed | Stained | Sealed

A decorative finish floor can also be achieved with certain self leveling cements. We have products that can be stained, dyed, or colored, as well as sealed for a simple clean look. These finished floors have become increasingly popular due to the fast installation turnaround, endless color options and a timeless look that never goes out of style.

Polished Toppings

Shine bright like a diamond

Polishable Toppings are specially engineered self leveling cements that can be polished to recreate the look of polished concrete. Polishable toppings created by CTS Tru, Ardex PC-T, and CMP DiamondCap are great systems when you want the look of polished concrete but the existing conditions prohibit that. These products can be applied quickly, and usually only at a thickness of 3/8 of an inch. Most polished toppings come in a standard gray or white and can be stained, dyed, integrally colored and even have decorative stone or aggregate added to it. Their specialized engineering also makes them extremely strong and durable for a unique floor that will last a lifetime.

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