Resinous Floors

What are Resinous Floors?

A resinous floor is simply a coating of a chemically reactive formula that hardens once set. A primer is used to bond to the floor then the body coat layer, which is the resin, is mixed and poured or rolled and then a sealer is applied. As simple as this sounds, proper prep and knowledge of the materials is key to making these systems last a lifetime. We are highly skilled and properly certified to install many types of epoxy coatings, urethane cements and coatings, MMA systems, and many others.

Why choose Resinous Flooring?

There are a variety of resinous flooring systems that can include different materials for different textures and looks such as decorative chips, aggregates, pigments, and others. At one-time, resinous floors were mainly seen in just industrial applications but have now gained much popularity in other types of establishments and even in residences. The reason that they have gained attractiveness in many projects is that they are a seamless continuous floor which is highly durable, low maintenance, easy to clean, sanitary, tolerates heavy equipment and have so many decorative finish options.

Resinous Floor Options

Solid | Metallic | Flake | Quartz

There are endless options in resinous coatings with solid color, metallic, flake, and quartz being some of the most popular.
Solid color epoxy floors are very common and have multiple uses throughout many applications for residential and commercial. Generally used as a protective coating on concrete to help with extending the life of the concrete, making it easier for cleaning, and a overall better look.
Metallic epoxy floors are beautiful works of art with no two ever looking the same. They are great for homes, restaurants, retail, and more.
Flake and Quartz floors are more durable than solid or metallic and still very aesthetic. Perfect for garages, commercial kitchens, and laboratories and come in every color combination imaginable.

Industrial Coatings

Urethane Cement|MMA Coatings

Urethane cements and MMA coatings are extremely high strength and durability for when the toughest system is needed. They can be used in all sorts of environments and are highly resistant to chemicals, thermal shock, continuously wet areas. Most have fast set times which allows for quick return to service and can be installed with integral coving for a complete sanitary floor system. Perfect for food handling facilities, commercial kitchens, industrial factories, processing plants and more.

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