When it comes to commercial flooring, which is more cost-effective? Polished concrete or vinyl composite tile (VCT)? Let’s take a closer look.

VCT Flooring Maintenance Costs

VCT flooring, made from a combination of vinyl and limestone, costs about $3.00 per square foot to install. Maintenance and sealing for VCT flooring is necessary to retain it’s scratch-resistance durability and will cost around $2.00 per square foot over ten years. This includes regular everyday cleaning and specialized cleaning solutions and supplies. VCT will begin to deteriorate after about ten years, so to remove the old flooring and replace it, you will pay around $4.50 per square foot.

Polished Concrete Maintenance Costs

If you have polished concrete floors in your business, no yearly waxing or stripping is needed, unlike other flooring choices. However, there is some relatively easy and inexpensive maintenance involved, such as sweeping and mopping, which would be covered in your overall cleaning expenses. It is estimated that an average store owner with about 45,000 square feet of polished concrete flooring will spend around $35,000 a year to maintain their floors. This, of course, is much less in a smaller space. A polished concrete floor will need to be refurbished every 10-12 years at a price tag of around $1.50 per square foot.

Polished Concrete vs. VCT Flooring

The owner of a 45,000 square foot business that uses polished concrete will save almost $400,000 over ten years compared to VCT flooring. This is an amazing amount of savings, which is why polished concrete is quickly becoming the number one flooring choice of commercial business owners.

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