Have a damaged concrete floor in your garage or basement? Before you tear it up and start over, keep reading. It’s entirely possible to salvage that damaged concrete and turn it into an attractive decorative floor. 

Self-Leveling Concrete

Even severely damaged and cracked concrete floors can be salvaged with self-leveling concrete. You could restore your existing floor with self-leveling concrete or use it to prep the damaged floor for new flooring installation. Vinyl tile, laminate or luxury vinyl hardwood can all be installed over a floor leveled with self-leveling concrete. The possibilities are endless.

Coated Floor

You don’t have to install new flooring over your concrete. Coating your concrete floor can turn it into something unique and beautiful. After we fill in all cracks and damaged areas with self-leveling concrete, we’ll apply a primer, and then an epoxy coating followed by a sealer. With so many color and finish choices of epoxy coating, you could completely revamp the style of any room. Epoxy coated concrete is extremely easy to maintain and far less expensive than installing new flooring.

The Best Coating for Concrete Floors

If you are going for a decorative concrete floor using coating, go for epoxy coating over acrylic. Epoxy coating is more resistant to mold and mildew than acrylic and works extremely well in warehouses and garages due to its ability to repel stains and its overall durability. Epoxy tends to bond better to concrete which comes in handy on flooring surfaces that need to be as durable as possible.

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