Looking at a cracked and damaged concrete floor can be overwhelming. You may think you’ll have to remove the whole thing and start over. Not true! It’s entirely possible to restore your floor using self-leveling concrete.

Restoring Your Floor With Self-Leveling Concrete

Whether you’re planning on using vinyl, tile or laminate to cover your existing concrete or planning on restoring your concrete floor in a unique and durable fashion, self-leveling concrete should be considered. We can help you install self-leveling concrete professionally and effectively no matter what type of flooring you would like to accomplish. Whether it is for a garage, warehouse, or any other commercial space that relies on a durable floor – self-leveling concrete can be a great solution for you!

Repairs Cracks and Holes

Self-leveling concrete is a great solution for filling in cracks and holes in your current concrete floor. Our process will cover any imperfections entirely. When the process is complete, you won’t even be able to tell where they were!

Improving Safety

Damaged concrete can result in a safety hazard. Not only for foot traffic but for vehicles as well. This is especially worrisome in warehouses where there is a lot of foot traffic and use of heavy machinery, such as forklifts.


Even though self-leveling concrete only adds about a half an inch to the surface of your current concrete, it can still last for the lifetime of the building. It’s popular in warehouses, garages, and many other commercial settings.

If you’re considering self-leveling concrete, then give us a call! Our experts will be more than happy to address your questions. We even offer on-site evaluations to ensure that self-leveling concrete is the right option for you. If not, we can help you install many other types of flooring options.